March 4, 2024

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Roy Hodgson Reflects on Burnley’s Kompany: Experience vs Youth in Focus

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Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson shared his thoughts on Burnley boss Vincent Kompany in anticipation of their upcoming clash in the Premier League. The seasoned English coach, acknowledging the age disparity, expressed respect for the former Manchester City center half.

Hodgson stated, “It’s young vs old, I can’t deny that. But I genuinely don’t subscribe to the notion that being young or old brings specific advantages. While people often appreciate experience, Kompany, with his remarkable success both at club level and with Belgium, already brings significant experience to his team.”

Emphasizing the importance of individual players, Hodgson remarked, “Every team is well-coached, well-organized, and physically fit. Ultimately, success hinges more on the players you’ve had the opportunity to work with. To his credit, Kompany has made investments and brought in new players.”

Addressing the challenges faced by clubs like Burnley and Crystal Palace in competing at the highest level of the Premier League, Hodgson acknowledged the resource gap but highlighted Burnley’s commendable performances. He said, “Dealing with the top tier of the Premier League is never easy for clubs like Burnley or Crystal Palace due to the significant resource gap. I haven’t closely followed Burnley, but I’ve seen glimpses, such as their opening game against Manchester City, where they played well despite losing.”

Hodgson recalled another match against Nottingham Forest, noting, “They’re, like the rest of us, striving to make the best of each game. We anticipate a challenging match, and we’re prepared for it.”

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