July 17, 2024

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Home of Crystal Palace F.C

Crystal Palace eyed in potential new takeover

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For Crystal Palace fans, the last couple of decades have brought more than a few ownership wrangles. There were the days of Simon Jordan and the drama that came with, as well as the modern era under Steve Parrish and team. However, while your typical Palace fan will be delighted with recent years – a consistent run in the Premier League is not something we are used to – some feel like the time is right to take that next step.

With the likely exit of Wilf Zaha this summer, our fanbase might need to get used to a period of transition as both Roy and Wilf (most likely) head for the exit doors. Therefore, the talk of a new ownership group taking over is both exciting and somewhat worrying. According to reports, US business expert John Textor is intrigued with the concept of buying a stake in our South London club.

Current co-owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer have done a fine job running the club so far, after buying their stake in 2015. However, both are keen to sell, according to some reports, and Textor would be keen to buy-in. One part of the report that excites, though, is that Textor isn’t a typical US football club owner; he is a genuine football nut who loves the game. He’s also very clued up on English culture, according to reports around the man, which makes him sound quite intriguing as a Palace owner.

With the need to find a new coach and to get to work on a squad that is about to be more or less transformed, Palace fans are naturally excited – if somewhat concerned – about talk of a new ownership group taking on the club.

Who is John Textor? Would he make a good Crystal Palace owner?

Textor is known as the co-owner of a group known as Digital Domain. They are a major visual effects firm based in Los Angeles, and have a huge list of clients. Indeed, the created the special effects on a few major movies, including Titanic. However, financial difficulties left the company heading for bankruptcy in 2012. It was down to shrewd moves and actions by Textor that ensured that DD recovered and remains a success today.

He is also involved at FuboTV, as a key shareholder. The sports-aimed streaming group has been engaged in a period of rapid growth. They also merged with Facebank, another Textor-owned firm. So, it’s pretty clear that Textor has a strong business acumen and has shown an interest in taking companies further than they previously reached.

His link to Palace, though, purely comes from the fact that Palace midfielder Jacob Montes came through a Textor-linked football academy. In terms of pure connection to the club, there is precious little. However, might that be what is needed?

As a noted football fanatic and someone with a genuine interest in owning a club, and the funds to do so, Textor could make a very exciting new owner for the club.

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